X-plane Fly-ins

Every Sunday, a bunch of X-plane enthusiasts get together online and fly to a particular location (usually on Earth, though there have been fly-ins on Mars). Inspired by Kumiankka's screenshot archive, I attended my first fly-in on November 16th 2008. Here are my screenshots taken since then.

220th fly-in, 1st February 2009: Paulo Emanuele memorial fly-in, Santa Monica, California, United States (KSMO)
213rd fly-in, 14th December 2008: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Washington, United States (KSEA) (NB: shots on/after this date are taken with my new Radeon HD 3850 graphics card)
210th fly-in, 23rd November 2008: Yelizovo Airport, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia (UHPP)
209th fly-in, November 16th 2008: Dubrovnik, Croatia (LDDU)