Laptop Repair Man

Thank goodness for YouTube and eBay. My wife’s laptop (an Acer Travelmate 3270) started to switch off randomly and unexpectedly last week. An investigation quickly revealed the culprit: as I was wiggling the pin in the middle of the laptop’s circular power socket – it fell out! I did my best to defeat the laptop’s physical security mechanisms (screws) over the next 40 minutes or so, and I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t use the Queen’s best English all of the time either. Just when I reached the point of giving up, I googled for ‘Travelmate laptop disassembly’ and struck gold thanks to YouTube. A mere ten minutes later (and wishing I’d googled first), I was looking at a kitchen table with a daunting pile of bits that were formerly known as a nearly-working laptop.

Fortunately, the power socket is on a smallish removable daughter board (circled in green) and replacements can be purchased on eBay for around £15. A few days later, I was googling for ‘Travelmate laptop reassembly’ with my fingers crossed – fortunately YouTube complied and an hour later I was sitting at the kitchen table with a fully working laptop once more (and with only five screws mysteriously left over, too).