Java font metrics

I’m always having to remind myself how Java’s font metrics work. As an aide-memoire (mainly for my own use, but someone may find it useful), I’ve created this diagram:

Java Font Metrics

JDarkRoom sightings

Ok, please allow me to indulge in a little ego-trip. :-) My pet application, JDarkRoom, has been downloaded rather a lot & I’ve discovered a few people writing good things about it on their blogs:

I am writing this post from pretty much the coolest Java app I’ve ever seen. …


Thanks James! Donald also has some nice things to say..

I find it very useful. The fact that there’s nothing else displayed on the screen allows me to focus entirely on the task in front of me. No disruption, no eye candy, nothing. Just me and the task. Just me… and the task. Such situation gives me a peace of mind, a “mind like water”. It is a good condition for me to enter the “flow” state, a condition where I lose track of time and have my creative juice flows freely.


.. and my personal favourite ..

JDarkRoom is a sanity saver

Over the last month or two, there have been a lot of distractions in my life. Distractions that have piled on the stress and which have made writing very difficult at times. So, I’ve let a few assignments slip. Not to the point of missing deadlines, mind you, but enough so that I have to scramble to meet those deadlines. Which adds to my stress.

In those cases, JDarkRoom really helped me get work done. My writing process has been to find a (relatively) quiet corner, turn off my notebook’s wireless card, fire up JDarkRoom, and start writing. Pretty soon, I have a completed draft of an article. With about 70% of articles that I’ve used JDarkRoom to write, the first draft has been pretty close to the final draft. And I’ve been able to bang out articles in record time.

Sure, JDarkRoom doesn’t have a built-in spelling checker, but I have other tools for that. And I can usually spot spelling errors during my first read-through of an article. The only feature that I’d like added to it is scrolling with the mouse wheel. As with a spelling checker, that’s not a make-or-break feature with me. JDarkRoom lets me write. That’s the only feature I really need.


Thanks for the good review, Scott. JDarkRoom even features on a photo that Bryan Villarin has posted to flickr. Nice to see it in action.

It’s good to know that JDarkRoom is useful to people. If you have any more sightings, please send them in. :-)