JDarkRoom 8

Yesterday afternoon saw the release of JDarkRoom 8, now with undo/redo support, ability to toggle a more visible cursor and a text-only colour choice mode (to fix problems some users were experiencing on Apple macs).

It’s been a good month for JDarkRoom so far, with over 10,000 hits to the website and nearly 4,000 downloads. We’ve even been featured on a podcast!

JobTrawler 1.0 released

After a lot of beta testing, I have finally released JobTrawler 1.0 to the CodeAlchemists website.

JobTrawler is a job-search program that takes some of the pain away from searching online recruitment websites and helps you to track the progress of multiple job applications.

Many thanks to the following for their invaluable input:

  • Victoria Jauncey
  • Steve Batty
  • John Montgomery
  • Ian Ozsvald

Licences for JobTrawler 1.0 are currently free.

JDarkRoom featured on Lifehacker, Digg

Last Friday (5th Jan), JDarkRoom was featured in articles and comments from
Digg and Lifehacker. This resulted in over a thousand hits on that day alone and some very useful user feedback. I have just released JDarkRoom 7 with a couple of new features and will be working on the other suggestions over the next week.