Recently, I have found myself using the website every day to monitor my favourite blogs/RSS news feeds. It is remarkably easy to use.

After free, painless registration, you can customize your own page that works from home/work/cafe. The developer has even responded to my feature requests. Worth a look.

Revenge on the Northern Line

Oh happy days. In December, after having spent far too many hours commuting on London Underground’s Northern Line, being delayed, given excuses and suffering driver strikes, station-staff strikes, etc, I came across a posting on a blog mentioning that a refund of your single fare was available if your journey was delayed by over fifteen minutes.

Further investigation was warranted, and indeed verified this claim. If your journey is delayed by more than fifteen minutes by something that is under the control of TfL (in my case, a signal failure), send in a claim form (or submit a form via the internet), to receive a refund of your single fare. Here is a link to the TfL website’s policy document, where you can find the claim form.

Worth a try, I figured. I duly filled in the form and expected to hear nothing back. However, yesterday a letter arrived through the mail:

tube refund form

So, on what to spend these new riches? Perhaps one of those kits – so that I can make a T-shirt to spread the word about these refunds. Then, perhaps, if more people claimed them, somebody might do something about the problem.. Oh happy days.