JobTrawler Blog

JobTrawler now has its own blog. All new-versions will be announced there, and that is now the place to post comments/ideas/etc.

JobTrawler 0.5

Announcing the release of JobTrawler 0.5, with some new features, including:

  • Sortable table columns
  • Search
  • ‘Get Adverts!’ button on status bar
  • Automatic check-for-program-updates
  • Expanded documentation

As always, it can be downloaded from Check the website for further information.

A busy weekend..

We’ve had a busy weekend. Our good friends Rob and Christy got married on Friday at a very nice country-esque venue in North London, then on Saturday we went to see REM play in Hyde Park. It was absolutely brilliant and the support (from Idlewild and Feeder) was very good too. On Sunday we headed into London to the south bank to see The Tempest at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. A good adaptation, if a little confusing for those that hadn’t seen the play before.

And I’ve finally arranged a start date for my new job: 8th August (so there’s plenty of time left to enjoy the summer before then!)

Need I say more?

The Piggy Has Gone


The pig’s days are numbered..

I’ve been looking for a new job for a little while now and a friend bought me this marzipan pig to be eaten in celebration when the moment came.

I’ve just heard that I’ve been made an offer, so the pig’s days are numbered… :-)

A dark day

Details are still filtering in about this morning’s events in London. Everybody we know is ok, thankfully.

Upgrade to WordPress

In response to this issue, I upgraded WordPress from to today. Despite following the instructions on the codex, the transition was not as smooth as I had hoped..

After the upgrade, the category links on the right were broken, as were the direct/permalinks to articles. The solution appears to be to disable permalinks entirely, as no amount of messing with the permalink structure fixed the problem.

Step-by-step then, upgrade as per the instructions, then log in as Admin, navigate to Options, Permalinks and clear the ‘permalink structure’ box, then click the update button.

125 Big Questions

Science magazine have just published the first in a series of articles looking at 125 big questions in Science.

It just goes to show that knowing what you know is just as important as knowing what you don’t.