JobTrawler 0.4

JobTrawler 0.4 has just been released at

The new version includes:

  • Bugfixes (thanks, Steve)
  • Updated Jobserve UK plugin to reflect their site changes
  • New plugin to search Jobserve Australia
  • User interface remembers which view was last selected at startup

Thank you to everybody who tried out version 0.3 and gave feedback.

ID Cards

Is it just a co-incidence, I wondered (reading over somebody’s shoulder on the Tube) that both George Orwell (born: Eric Arthur Blair, who wrote 1984) and Tony Blair (whose Labour party is currently trying to push the ID cards bill through UK government) share the same surname? Of course it is.

Here is a group of people that disagree with the principles of ID cards, and here are a number of different viewpoints.

Custom Knoppix Post-Mortem

A few months ago, I joined Ian to help trial a business idea for producing customized knoppix distributions. Here is Ian’s blog post about it and here is a more in-depth review of the results.

In related news, Knoppix 4.0 is almost ready for release.

Zombie Dogs

Boffins create zombie dogs.

This is possibly the strangest medical story I’ve read for a long time. I wonder what the effects on the consciousness of the revived would be?

JobTrawler 0.3

JobTrawler 0.3 is now ready.

New Features in 0.3

  • Tiger (Aqua-like) appearance
  • Windows-specific version including installer
  • Bugfixes

And the website has had a makeover too.


A quick start guide to setting up log4j, the Apache Java logging project.

Syntax Highlighting of Code Snippets

I have written up my notes describing how to get Syntax Highlighting of Code Snippets working nicely in WordPress using the SyntHihol plugin.

Dr. Who-oo

Watched the first episode of the new Dr. Who series last night (no, I’m not behind the times. VHS is just another form of time-travel). Not bad at all. The doctor was a lot funnier than I remember from series past, and I was glad to see that they have retained the ‘cheap props’ look from the original. It still has a very English flavour, I’m sure Douglas Adams would approve.

In related news, apparently a recently-stolen Dalek has been returned safely.

The job-hunting continues..

Since star-map (a technology startup) ceased technological development, I have been looking for a new job. Learning to play the recruitment agency game has been interesting, and I’ve developed a couple of tools along the way:

  • AgencyWatch – see which agencies post the most Java contract jobs
  • JobTrawler – an application to make job searching easier

Now things are starting to hot up significantly. I’m currently tracking 14 live job applications and agencies are starting to call me all the time instead of vice versa. I take this as progress – but in a week or so I will know for sure.

Garbage, Brixton Academy

(image credit to this message-board post)

Went to see Garbage at the Brixton Academy on Thursday. Flippin good. One thing that struck me was how versatile a singer Shirley Manson is (even sounding a bit like Kylie at times), another was how old the rest of the band are – they’ve been around a while, but the performance was so well-polished that anyone present would have known that.

footnote: Thanks to Ian for providing tips on getting images working with WordPress!

JTable selection behaviour

If you need a Java Swing JTable to have the following behaviour:

  • click to select a row
  • click on the same row to deselect
  • never having more than one row selected

.. then add this to your subclassed JTable:

public void changeSelection(int rowIndex, int columnIndex, boolean toggle, boolean extend)  {
    if (getSelectedRow() == rowIndex) {
        super.changeSelection(rowIndex, columnIndex, !extend, extend);
    } else {
        super.changeSelection(rowIndex, columnIndex, false, extend);