Blog migration & a new ‘retro’ theme

I’ve finally upgraded the version of WordPress which runs this blog. In doing so, sadly I managed to trash all the comments that people had contributed. One of the reasons for the upgrade was that I’d had to disable comments due to the sheer deluge of comment-spam (1000+ messages a day). Comments are now enabled again.

I’ve chosen this retro theme because I like it and it’s clear and easy to read – but it still needs a few tweaks.

Comment Spam

It seems that I’ve finally got rid of all the comment spam that was clogging up this blog and its moderation queue. My apologies if your comment was delayed and has only now made it to the blog.

Thank you again for all the comments about JDarkRoom. I read every one and good suggestions make it into the JDarkRoom TODO list.

Upgrade to WordPress

In response to this issue, I upgraded WordPress from to today. Despite following the instructions on the codex, the transition was not as smooth as I had hoped..

After the upgrade, the category links on the right were broken, as were the direct/permalinks to articles. The solution appears to be to disable permalinks entirely, as no amount of messing with the permalink structure fixed the problem.

Step-by-step then, upgrade as per the instructions, then log in as Admin, navigate to Options, Permalinks and clear the ‘permalink structure’ box, then click the update button.

Syntax Highlighting of Code Snippets

I have written up my notes describing how to get Syntax Highlighting of Code Snippets working nicely in WordPress using the SyntHihol plugin.