Further XPDisplay improvements

XPDisplay now has a ‘Data’ tab, which (currently) displays charts with approach glideslope and landing gear forces, for post-landing analysis:


Glideslope - showing a late approach and landing!

Landing Gear Forces

Landing Gear Forces

Charts are updated in real time and can be zoomed, printed or exported as PNG images (thanks to the excellent JFreeChart library).

Caveat: these features are not in the current released version of XPDisplay yet.

2 Responses to “Further XPDisplay improvements”

  1. Warren Chitwood says:

    Duncan, Thank you for all your great work. Have been following & using this form the beginning. Do you have an estimate for the release of the glide-slope version?

  2. duncanj says:

    Hi Warren, I’m pleased to say there is a new version released today – if you get a chance to try it, I’d be grateful for any feedback.

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