More Aircraft Traces

Here are two more traces, generated from a whole day’s worth of data (29th June 2013). I’ve added some more ground locations as well as the places which the ‘stacks’ are named after (BOVINGDON, LAMBOURNE, BIGGIN and OCKHAM). Happily they coincide nicely with the loops which indicate where aircraft are circling. Colours here are assigned randomly to different aircraft.

The second trace is coloured according to altitude (purple corresponds roughly to 35,000ft – 40,000ft, down through green, yellow, orange and finally red, which corresponds to 5,000ft – 2,000ft).

You can clearly see high altitude routes (purple) as well as the stacks and approach routes into Heathrow. I expect that the routes into and out of Gatwick would also be visible if the range of my receiver was better. I’ve tried building a custom aerial, but haven’t had any luck with it so far.

For completeness, here is a trace coloured according to speed. Purple indicates 500-600kts, down through green, yellow and red at about 100-150kts.

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  1. Outofthecontour says:

    Really interesting data. Have you repeated this exercise at all in 2016? I am very interested in the movement of the Ockham stack to a new position further north.

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