Aircraft Traces

One of my trusty Raspberry Pis has a SDR (Software Defined Radio) USB stick, which is currently tuned into aircraft ADS-B transponders (which basically means that the Pi receives the position, altitude, speed and heading of every commercial aircraft within 50-100km, sometimes up to 200km, if the conditions are right).

The Pi now logs this data every 10 seconds to a file, which I copied from the Pi this evening and with a bit of Groovy scripting was able to generate the traces of aircraft seen over the last 8 hours or so:

You can clearly see the Lambourne, Biggin and Ockham holding stacks, where the planes circle around for a while, descending until given a landing slot.

The aircraft disappear from my screen below 1500ft or so, which is why you can see lots of planes approaching Heathrow (from the east/right) but they all seem to disappear before they get there. Similarly with Gatwick, many aircraft disappear from the right (east) as they arrive and many appear to the left (west) as they leave.

The data and processing isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty picture for now. :)

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